BMW Star Approved Tires.

To maintain the highest level of quality, BMW Approved Tires are given a star approval rating (★). The star symbol indicates that the tires have been optimally tuned for each BMW model. In cooperation with the tire manufacturer, each tire is designed and tested to meet BMW’s uncompromising standards of dynamism, ride comfort, and safety. In comparison, a replacement tire that is not BMW star approved is designed for a wide range of models and various vehicle manufacturers. Tires that are BMW star approved virtually have all components developed to BMW specifications.

Take hold of the road this summer.

BMW Approved High-Performance Summer Tire Packages.

Behind every BMW Approved High-Performance Summer Tire Package is research, testing, and years of experience. These top-quality wheels and tires are specifically designed and engineered to further enhance the performance and safety of your BMW. Original BMW light alloy wheels emphasize the dynamic character and exclusive style of your BMW. They also reduce unsprung mass, and help dissipate heat from the brakes, resulting in improved braking performance.

Visualize one of our tire packages on your BMW by exploring our tire package configurator, or get some expert advice from our tire specialists by booking a tire service appointment today at your local BMW Retailer.


BMW Approved Cold Weather Tire Packages.

At 7°C, summer tires and all-season tires begin to lose traction. BMW Approved Cold Weather Tires have been specially designed to perform where other tires cannot. Increased safety without compromising BMW’s signature, sporting style is what you can expect. Equip your BMW with a BMW Approved Cold Weather Tire Package so that you can stay safe on the road and embrace all that winter has to offer. Click here to view our Winter Tire Packages.